Copyright  ©  Just Electron. All Rights Reserved  1. MTN Backbone Installation from Bauchi to Maiduguri (as Subcontractors to EXI-MCNAIR) 2. Decommissioning of Stratex Altium and XP 4 radios from the MTN backbone 3. V-Mobile Backbone Installation from Lokoja to Kano (as Subcontractors to EXI-MCNAIR) 4. Installation and commissioning of ExxonMobil off shore microwave links and VOIP Networks in the Niger delta region (as Subcontractors to DCC Satellites networks Ltd) 5. Ericsson RBS installation and integration in the South- South Region (as Subcontractors to EXI-MCNAIR) 6. Installation of MTN access links in the south west region (as Subcontractors to EXI-MCNAIR) 7. Installation of Rainbownet Limited's Phase II network roll out in the South East Region (as Subcontractors to Signal Alliance Group) 8. Installation of MTN access links in the South-South, South-East region (as Subcontractors to EXI-MCNAIR) 9. Installation and commissioning of more than 100 links for Multilinks-Telcom for the Northern rigion. Innovative and Entrepreneurial Prowess in Project Execution